Spotlight Performer

We like to acknowledge and highlight amazing talent in our community, and awarding Staged spotlight performer is one way in which we accomplish this. Each month, one awesome person is chosen to hold the crown. Check out this month's below, and be sure to catch their weekly concerts performed for the Staged community.

See our event calendar for times!


Our super spectacular Spotlight special someone is Maddie! (Do ya dig my alliteration?!)

Maddie is a fellow Texan, and she is super talented - at teaching herself! Maddie has taught herself how to sing, play guitar, and play piano! As if that weren't enough talent and skill, she also plays the violin! Maddie is a dog lover, which further proves that she is a spectacular human specimen. Currently Maddie is working up our leaderboard at Staged by attending tons of events, so if you haven't heard her, you're missing out in life, plus you're living under a rock. It must be uncomfortable under there. She has the voice of an angel, so make sure you check out her Spotlight Concerts (calendar), where she will perform each week this month.

Make sure to follow her on her YouTube channel as well!