Our music bots, @Electro Swing and @Funk are provided to us by the lovely people at Amped. Amped offers a unique listening experience - Although you can find many music bots on Discord, only Amped has quality bots, custom tailored and curated by dedicated staff for each library. Check them out to find even more genres.


A place for the musical journey, SL is the place to discover trends and chat over content. You're welcome to share your music or music you love.

Looking For Gamers

If you're all worn out from singing or performing, take a break and game a little. LFG is the place to be with awesome staff, tons of friendly users, and a plethora of giveaways and events.


If you enjoy BOTH gaming and performing live, Infinium works to promote it's performers through lively twitch-centered events.

Apollo Art & Design

Apollo is an artistic community with weekly art challenges! For a good time and artistic creations, check them out!